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British Caning Society - Aims and Objectives

The British Caning Society exists to establish a popular caning and discipline centre of excellence, based in the North-East of England.

Where people can not only experience caning and discipline role play scenarios, but also, if they wish to, see court room role-play scenarios, discuss and learn about corporal punishment (CP), make friends or join the on-line network of enthusiasts.

Our aim is to serve the whole CP community from casual to committed and add a new dimension, whether it be real-life or on-line. This Society is for males and females and if required male judges can be included as part of the court room setting.


Court Room events planned for 2009

March 28th

July 25th

November 28th

All events will begin at 12pm and end by 6pm, cases can be timed to begin at any time through the afternoon to accommodate different travel distances of offenders that are being charged.

These events are for ALL levels of enthusiast, from novice to experienced players.

All role play punishment and discipline events will be adapted to suit individual levels of experience. The events are based on an authentic trial scenario in a court room.

Madam Rattan will initially act as Presiding Judge with one other District Judge, and if the events are popular different Judges will be invited to each Court Session.

Fellow defendants (if agreeable) will act as the court officials, defending barrister, prosecuting barrister, court clerk, court usher etc.

Closed Court Sessions - should the defendant wish, the Trial can be heard in a closed court, as can the punishment be administered.

Participants are encouraged to take part in other roles as well as their own, specifically to act as defence or prosecution barrister, or other court positions in other discipline cases appearing before the bench.

Full supporting material will be provided and available to members of the Society, namely:

  • Sentencing Guideline Manual,
  • Order & Discipline Act,
  • Court summons Documents
  • Court attire for Barristers
  • Suggested scenarios
  • Specific appropriate, discreet location.
  • Message board

Membership Information

Access to documentation regarding the British Caning Society, namely manuals, Acts and example scenarios, as well as access to the message board and pictures is for Members Only.

Membership will be at a cost of £10 per year; this is primarily to cover running costs of the site, as well as to discourage transient amateurs, but if enough members join this will also go towards running more events.

Attendance at events will be individually priced but is expected to be £150 for full participants for the day event which will include coffee, tea and lunch buffet. The first event in March will cost £125; this is because it is the inaugural event of the British Caning Society and will be used to iron out any teething troubles.

All members are encouraged to make suggestions to any part of the Societies events, website and format.

It is hoped that in the future as the Society grows, witnesses may be able to attend on a visitor only basis, but this will be available only to bona fide members and with full approval of all attendees.

Please apply through the contact page for membership, once you have applied then ensure your junk mail folder is checked regularly as the email address will not be familiar and may get sent to junk folder until email address is added.

Scenario For Example Case To Be Tried

Speeding, Bald Tyre, no insurance

Evidence   PC N3478 Shufflebottom of Durham police stopped a car, XYZ 123, on the A1(M) at Durham on February 28th 2009 at 1130hrs driven by the defendant.

The defendant passed through a police radar trap and was shown to be driving at 105 mph on a dual carriage road where the National Speed Limit applies (70mph). Upon inspection of the vehicle the near-side rear tyre did not conform to the law, and a personal details check on the Police National Computer (PNC) showed that the defendant who was driving was found to be uninsured and has not produced the required certificate of insurance within the required period of time as required by the law. All contrary to the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Defence   The defendant would like to state to the court that he was late for a charity event which he was opening. The defendant is a well known comedian and has raised over £1m for Cancer Research during the past 20 years. Due to his busy life style he overlooked his insurance renewal and he had made arrangements prior to his journey to have the bald tyre replaced whilst at the charity event.

The defendant has renewed his insurance and has replaced the worn tyre. Any motoring ban would severely affect his charity work and he would like to apologise to the Court for his appearance today.

Judgement   Will be in accordance with the Sentencing Guidelines. The SG are listed in five sections, A to E, and Mistresses will sentence in accordance with one of these sections bearing in mind the experience and tolerance of the defendant. Judgements will be the decision of the Mistresses (Magistrates) and defendants are not allowed to influence decisions nor is there any appeals procedure.

Copyright infringement

Infringement of copyright occurs when a restricted act is carried out without the permission of the copyright owner; e.g. taking a copy of a work without permission. Infringement is generally a civil offence and a common penalty is the award of damages and the destruction of any infringing materials. However in cases where someone is dealing in infringing copies (selling pirate materials) this is known as secondary infringement and can be a criminal offence punishable by a prison sentence. Where an act constitutes a criminal offence action can be taken by Trading Standards and other enforcement agencies as well as by the copyright owner.

Any known infringement of the material contained here and within the members area WILL result in the individual or individuals responsible being summonsed before the District Judge at the next available Britich Caning Cociety event. If you wish to copy this please ask.

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